New at Busworld: the all-electric city bus BMC Procity +12 M EV

2023 10 13
The next-generation all-electric bus, the Procity+ 12 M Electric, was unveiled for the first time at Busworld Europe 2023, which kicked off on Saturday, October 7, in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.
The premiere model BMC PROCITY is a product developed as part of a joint project between BMC, one of the leading Turkish manufacturers of commercial and military equipment, and ASELSAN, one of the most famous representatives of the Turkish arms sector. Introduced by the brand that launched Turkey's first all-low-floor city bus powered by natural gas, this vehicle stands out for the high comfort and technological features it offers to city buses. In addition, it is characterized by zero emissions - environmentally friendly to air pollution, a major problem in large cities, and limited noise and vibration. As a result, this vehicle improves the quality of life of residents.
PROCITY +12M EV can charge itself using a roof-mounted pantograph-based fast charging system. This is done with a short break of 8 - 12 minutes, without the need for any action on the part of the driver. Moreover, PROCITY +12M EV, thanks to the 111.6 kWh LTO battery developed by ASELSAN, can travel 80 km. As a result, the combination of practical and fast en-route charging concepts and on-board traction batteries with optimized capacity and therefore low weight and cost allows trouble-free operation of up to 24 hours with little interruption in urban transport. Thus, PROCITY+12M EV, on the one hand, guarantees operators a reduction in rolling stock costs due to its electrification, on the other hand, provides passengers with comfortable and environmentally friendly transport thanks to advanced technologies, an electric traction system and zero carbon dioxide emissions, and on the third contributes to the decarbonization of cities and increasing the comfort of living in them.
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